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Computer programming, computer graphics art, 3D animation, things in C, unix, linux and possibly some Amiga, too.

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This page is a list of things I do, links to web pages I've worked on, and other interesting items, so friends and relatives can keep tabs on me. Don't be surprised if all the links aren't valid, since there's always something under construction or being overhauled.
If you have the urge to send "me" email then it is highly probable that you're really looking for the "trivial" exploits and adventures of the Jeopardy! Ken Jennings. Please try a visit to www.Ken-Jennings.com

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I've been involved with computer graphics, since discovering computers in 1980. I've learned and worked the disciplines in Desktop Publishing, 2D and 3D animation, GUI programming, and multimedia back before the word multimedia was invented.

In 1993 this became a business with my fiance at that time -- SyntheToonz (Synthetic Cartoons.) SyntheToonz nearly came to an end when she died of cancer in 1995.

SyntheToonz is still used as a semi-fictitious pen name when working on graphics, creating web sites, and writing software unrelated to my day job.

SyntheToonz Lame Software Products

Prepare to not be impressed.
 Amiga Things
A few old items released to Aminet and Fred Fish. Perhaps someday there will be ports of the Linux programs or even things for MorphOS.
 Unix/GNU Linux Software
A collection of simple programs for Unix/Linux written in C. There are some simple HTML and text parsing utilities, an X Window/Xt demo, and other trivial things.
 Atari 8-bit Software
Someday, something may be here if bit-rot hasn't killed the disks and I can figure a way to read them.
 PC Software
Someday, some of the old hacking may appear here. But, I wouldn't put money on it.
The Diesel Experiment
I bought a 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD in February 2006. Mileage, maintenance, and progress reports on the Jeep and general information about diesels can be found there.

Resume Updated 28 Feb 2003
This is a my terribly long resume listing just about every last niggly detail worth remembering from the various IT related computer jobs performed since I started collecting a paycheck. However, the resume spares you having to read about writing video games in 8-bit assembler (without having an assembler) for about six years prior to the Air Force. That aside, I have been programmming in C for Unix-like systems for what seems ages.

This is some personal information about myself. Blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. Nothing interesting here. Move along.

This is how you can reach me with offers of money or better employment. Offers of marriage must now be ignored, since I am married.

Dell Precision M90 Mobile Workstation
Read about how well openSUSE 10.2 Linux runs on a premium, professional Dell Notebook. Stay tuned for future installations that will include Solaris, BSD, and OS installs performed under VMWare.

The web site for the Republican Club of Davie/Cooper City. I am the web designer and the Treasurer for the club. My baby has put a bit of a damper on this work. There are several pages on the DavieGOP site that refer to software I wrote to help create the pages on the site. That software is located HERE on the SyntheToonz pages. Also, here's a LINK that shows some of the artwork for other possible web sites.
This is an archive of the last version of the web site for my campaign for the Florida Senate in 2000. (The original domain no longer functions.) The first versions of the web pages were donated by a volunteer (see the Thanks page) and subsequently maintained and enhanced by myself as I learned more about HTML. Many people had a blast reading the Political Christmas card that year. Rumor has it that some people framed their cards for posterity.

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