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Since originally creating the web site, I've moved my personal programming work from the PC to Linux, so when (if) the Windows PC software shows up on this page, there may not be a lot of it and it almost certainly will be outdated and superceded by the equivalent program in the Linux section.

Don't expect to find any mind-blowing, killer applications here. Most of the large programs I've worked on ends up owned by a company. After years (decades) as a successful programmer I'm now in a position to oversee a small gang of coders and tell them why their code stinks. While I see code every day, I'm seldom the original author, so I hack little things on my own time to keep from getting rusty.

All the stuff you find here are simple hacks, demos, and wheel reinventions. Many are whipped up without much thinking to solve a single problem. Some are just code for the sake of coding. For instance, while the CSV file reading program currrently has a number of significant features and processing activities its development has progressed for alterior motives. The utility was originally created to perform simple parsing and format validation of single CSV records. It was improved to read entire files only as an exercise to practice pointer gymnastics and dynamic memory allocation. Its recent overhaul is meant to provide a platform to practice managing libraries.

GNU/Linux Software

I'm not an expert at distributing GPL to the masses. Up to this point most work for Linux has been done in KDevelop (though none of it uses KDE yet.) I tried to tar/gzip the entire KDE project subdirectory and even small projects end up making a 900K archive. So, the tar/gzip'd files you get from this site decompress to just the RCS directory I made inside each project tree. (Hey, I know RCS. I trust RCS. And I'm the only one checking things in and out.) From there you can just check out all the files and then make them however you prefer to make them. If you can't figure out how to "man rcs" or "man make" then you're not a programmer and this place is not for you.

Many of these programs began life on the PC in Microsoft Visual Studio. So, you may see residue of Windows-isms in the source. Where I have remembered to do so, I removed or repaired any hacks needed to make standard C work on Windows. The most common problem is the lack of getopt() in Windows requiring extra code to manage command line arguments and options. This extra code for Windows works fine in Unix/Linux, but is redundant in that environment.

2007-01-16 -- I fielded a few requests/complaints that all the source is "unavailable", because it is tied up in RCS archives. RCS is a fairly portable, multi-platform archive and version control format. I've freely moved archives between Solaris and Linux and had no issues checking files in and out. Nearly every POSIX-type platform has RCS available. But, what the hey -- I'll make it policy to include checked out source files in the TAR archives whenever I work on projects. The first one done is the CSV program which is currently under active development.
Amiga Software

This includes a few items released on Aminet and Fred Fish ages ago.

You could also check out the glitzy graphics done a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away on Amigas:

Atari 8-bit Software

Coming Sometime -- provided all those old tapes and disks haven't been killed by bit rot.
PC Software

Coming ... Well, maybe never. Software for Windows just isn't worth the effort. If you're feeling really motivated to waste your time then get a standard C compiler and port the Linux stuff to Windows.

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